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Continuing Personal Development (CPD) Factory Tour: Booking Request

Milbank CPD Seminars offer a detailed insight into the precast concrete products industry, our leading position in the arena and its relationship with the broader construction landscape. CPD seminars are the ideal opportunity to advance your knowledge and credibility in this key area of construction, benefitting your long term career goals and filling any knowledge gaps you may have, helping you become more productive and efficient.

Factory Tour of our Prestressed and Precast Concrete Manufacturing Facility

This tour is tailored for architects, engineers and other construction professionals, to give them an understanding of the difference between prestressed and reinforced precast concrete products. Attendees will see the various production stages, for both prestressed flooring units, hollowcore slabs and beams for beam and block flooring, and reinforced concrete units, stairs and landings. The tour is scheduled from 11am-2pm and includes lunch if required.

Please note, our Factory Tours are limited to a maximum of 6 delegates at one time.

If you are interested in booking our CPD (continuing personal development) Factory Tour, please enter your details below and we’ll be in touch promptly.

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