Forming Great Working Relationships

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Chief Buyer, Coinford

I have 20 years’ experience in this industry. 10 years selling and 10 years buying. Whilst I was selling, it was constantly drummed into me that quotes need chasing and relationships need to be formed in order to retain and maintain business, this never really occurred to me how important this is until I started working this side of things. The most important things for me personally as a “buyer” if you will, is the relationship and communication. These are what keep you coming back. I think the communication with Milbank is great, the order numbers you have received are testament to that. If you have a good relationship with a company than 9 times out of 10 you will get the last shout and further opportunities to secure orders. There are many companies out there who haplessly give a price but you can tell they are not really interested. I find it amusing how many opportunities are missed during a conversation, and this is where communication rears its head. If a buyer wants to talk to you he will, if he has had bad experiences in the past you can guarantee that you are only being used as a check price to ensure the company he has communication and a relationship with is still competitive.

So by simply acknowledging enquiries, making sure they have been received asking how the price looks. Milbank do this well, better than your competitors and I am sure your full order book is a testament to that!

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