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milbank fleet strengthens with two new additions

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25 July 2018

Keep your eyes peeled for two brand new additions joining our ever-growing fleet of installation vans this summer. Working with Signace Ltd in Colchester, we have added both Insulated Flooring (WarmFloor Pro) and Retaining Wall installation vehicles to our fleet, complete with full image wrapped rear doors to showcase past projects.

The concept behind our new vans is to help provide our customers (and the rest of the nation) with an insight into the wide range of precast concrete products we design, manufacture, deliver and install on a regular basis. A full range of brand new vans are arriving over the course of 2018 showcasing our entire product range of precast concrete solutions.

Combining our diverse range of products with our dedication to providing the best possible customer service, its easy to see how we are one of the leading precast concrete manufacturers in the east of England.

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