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Process Water

"On average only 29% of our water requirement comes from the fresh water supply."

We have invested a considerable amount of money in updating and upgrading our site drainage system which includes catch pits and new pipe work. Both our storage yards also have new interceptors at the point where our rainwater drains join the Earls Colne Business Park drainage system. These catch pits and interceptors are drained, cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. In addition, we have a road sweeper on a daily basis that keeps the main road and our yards clear of dust and debris. For the past 17 years, we have been recycling the water we use in the production and cleaning process via our Ecofrog Recycling plant. Once the water has been through the cleaning process, we re-use it in our concrete mixes. On average only 29% of our water requirement comes from the fresh water supply.

Accidents do happen but in the unlikely event, we have an Incident Response Plan. As part of that plan, we have several spill response points that contain sufficient equipment to deal with contaminates in a swift and effective way. In the unlikely event of a major spillage, we have established a coordinated response plan with our Landlord and are able to shut down the site drainage so that we can isolate ourselves from the surrounding area. Our plan is of course reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

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