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Remove A120 Bottlenecks For Greater Efficiency

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08 July 2016

Emissions, fuel costs and driver overtime could all be reduced and much greater efficiency could be achieved if the A120 bottleneck was resolved, according to specialist concrete products supplier Milbank.

“An improved A120 would allow us to have better planning flexibility; we could use our lorries for more return loads and increase the number of deliveries possible from fewer vehicles,” says chairman Sean Milbank.

From its base at Earls Colne Business Park, Milbank’s core client area stretches across London, Kent, Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, so it goes without saying that good road access is important.

“Over 90% of our deliveries use the A120 on a daily basis – this equates to about 18 loads,” says Sean Milbank. “The only alternative routes affect minor roads and small villages. We also have about 12 loads of raw material delivered daily, which are likely to use the A120.

” The company supplies products to a wide range of construction projects, from house extensions to major house builders: “We have up to 200 different orders every month, so we deal with lots of projects,” he says. “We bring in the ingredients of concrete – sand, stone and cement, mainly from the north of Colchester. Both of our factories have their own automatic concrete mixers producing huge volumes daily; and we use extruding machines to create the finished product. All our preformed structural concrete products are designed specifically for a project they are not simply standard blocks.”

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