Sustainable Insulated Flooring

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warmfloor pro sustainable flooring

Submit a WarmFloor Pro Enquiry – The sustainable alternative to Beam & Block Floors

WarmFloor Pro is our sustainable, insulated, Beam & Block flooring alternative, proved to be a must have for any environmentally conscious development.

WarmFloor Pro Advantages

  • Does not contain CFC or HCFC gases, which diminish the ozone layer.
  • Fully recyclable with no waste created in its manufacture.
  • Efficient use of a natural resource since the transformation process uses very little energy.
  • Leads to significant energy savings on heating and cooling buildings.
  • Dramatically reduces the emission of polluting gases, contributing to alleviating the greenhouse effect and acid rain.
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Increased energy savings
  • Quick and simple to install
  • A+ Green Guide rated and fully certified

WarmFloor Pro Brochure & Installation Guide

To download our official WarmFloor Pro Insulated Thermal Flooring brochure (including step-by-step installation guide) please click here Download WarmFloor Pro Brochure or on the image above.

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