Beam & Block

Milbank Beam and Block floors comprise 150mm and 225mm deep prestressed beams with standard 100mm deep building blocks, spanning between the beams. By varying the beam centres, a variety of loading conditions can be accommodated. Milbank Beam and Block floors provide a quick and economical solution for most structural flooring situations, both at ground and upper floor levels. 

We carry a permanent stock of over 25,000 linear meters of our T150 beams in lengths from 1m up to 6m in 50mm increments. For D225 beams we keep a limited stock, but can quickly manufacture beams in 5mm increments (up to 8.7m long) to order.

For thermally insulated ground floors, please see our WarmFloor page.

The benefits of Beam and Block are:

    • Fast and simple installation requiring no special skills
    • Provides a safe level platform to be quickly established
    • Unaffected by wet or cold weather
    • Minimal excavation required
    • A flexible system, enabling as built variations from design to be easily overcome
    • High levels of sound and thermal insulation and fire resistance
    • Unaffected by damp, rot or vermin
    • Allows longer spans than timber
    • Ideal for use on sloping ground
    • Maintenance free


T150 Beams Data Sheet


T150 Beams – Technical Properties


D225 Beams Data Sheet


D225 Beams – Technical Properties


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