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Delivering quality products through a sustainably conscious supply chain to help you build better”

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Milbank employee uses hand signals in installation of Hollowcore beam

People are the most important element of any successful business – we can only ever be as good as those we employ. Our aim is to support our people with personal growth through mentoring, training or external courses. We hope to offer a career, rather than a job.


Our focus on exceptional customer service is at the heart of what we do. We aim to continually provide a high-quality service at all stages of our customers’ journey, from initial order through to delivery and ongoing support.
This ensures that we attract new clients and retain the important relationships with existing customers for us to continue growing.


Our large network of suppliers rely on us for business to ensure they are here for the future. We develop key relationships that are mutually beneficial across the whole supply chain.
We place considerable importance on ensuring that the suppliers we work with share equal values to us – including employees, sustainability and local communities.


Providing Community Support is a core objective within our overall strategy, from offering local employment to supporting local schools, sports clubs, charities and other notable causes. We will continue to support our locality as and when we can.


machinery vehicle loading precast concrete Hollowcore beams onto lorry bed with sticker that vehicle runs on HVO bio-fuel

We have been proactive in adapting processes at our business to work towards carbon neutrality. We know that the work will never be done, but we’ve made a great start. We are committed to continual investment, research and development that will ensure we are always progressing and heading in the right direction.

and safety

Milbank employee installing precast concrete flooring beams wearing bright organ vest and hard hat

Manufacturing and installing precast concrete products is a high risk, high hazard industry. As such, our standards, processes, and controls have been developed to ensure the highest levels of safety for our employees and the customers sites they work on.

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