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Agriculture Concrete Products

Milbank manufactures and supplies precast concrete products to agricultural concerns of all sizes, from small family farms to large-scale operations. The contemporary farm may require a diverse range of concrete components – both standardised and bespoke – for building fundamental structures.

ARK Silage Clamps

Precast concrete silage clamps are essential structures for many large-scale dairy farms. Our silage clamps fall under the ARK Agriculture brand  – a partnership between ARK and Milbank. Formerly known as the Bock UK, ARK Agriculture designs, manufactures, delivers and installs silage clamps to agriculture clients across the UK. ARK Agriculture can also handle all ongoing maintenance issues related to the new silage pit walls – amounting to truly comprehensive service for those seeking the most efficient concrete silage pit wall solution.

The fundamental design of this silage clamp features a slanting wall that enables compaction right up to the edge of the clamp walls. For many years farmers on the continent have relied on clamps made by ARK Agriculture, with requirements ranging from “on-farm” silage to biogas setups.

Our system delivers a performance enhancement of up to 30 per cent.

Visit for more information about our precast concrete bunker walls, or contact us about agricultural concrete wall panels or any other precast concrete products you need for your farm.

Concrete Retaining Walls

We also provide a range of bespoke precast concrete retaining walls, which can be used for storing soil, cladding, security and landscaping. These L shaped walls are manufactured in our Essex based factory and delivered to your project ready for installation. We create all retaining walls to your specific projects; we can create retaining walls for all sizes, shapes, and load requirements.

Case Study: Harper Adams University

“ARK Agriculture (formerly known as Bock UK) and Milbank Concrete Products were delighted to supply the unique sloping walled silage clamp system as part of a significant investment in their dairy and livestock research facilities.” Find out more.

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