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the Milbank Group exhibit at Braintree job fair

29 March 2019

The Milbank Group had a fantastic and prospective day exhibiting at the Braintree District Council Job Fair this month. As a group, we are heavily committed to investing in apprenticeships and the ...

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Milbank launch official brochure and installation guide for WarmFloor Pro

28 February 2019

At Milbank Concrete Products, we are on a mission to change the way builders and developers think about flooring. With cost-cutting, time-saving and exceptional thermal efficiency in mind, we would li...

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Milbank’s ‘Kallisto’ division deliver another impressive stair

30 January 2019

Milbank are proud to introduce Kallisto Stairs – a new concept in the United Kingdom for precast concrete curved stair design. Kallisto's expertise has been commissioned for luxury staircase instal...

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Milbank sponsor Services to Disability Sports award at active Essex 2018

19 December 2018

Congratulations to all that took awards at this years Braintree District Council Active Essex Active Braintree Sports awards 2018 ceremony. We were more than delighted to sponsor the 'Services to D...

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Belton Hills Steps project completes in Leigh-on-sea

28 November 2018

Working with Marlborough Surfacing Ltd in conjunction with fellow Milbank Group company Sui Generis International Ltd, we provided over 450 tonnes worth of precast concrete step units with specialist...

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milbank installation fleet upgrades with 15 new vans

30 October 2018

We recently completed and introduced our brand new fleet of installation crew transport and equipment vans for 2018. 15 brand new vans showcasing our wide and diverse range of precast concrete product...

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Milbank feature stair installed at st. Georges college

28 September 2018

Work is well underway at the brand new activity centre for St George's Weybridge College in Surrey. Working on behalf of Blenheim House Construction, we produced these extremely unique precast concret...

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Denham film studios complete with stunning milbank staircase

29 August 2018

Work has now completed on the Denham Film Studios in Denham, Buckinghamshire where Kallisto, our dedicated precast concrete curved stair devision, manufactured and installed two absolutely stunning sw...

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Milbank collaborate with Sui Generis on Belton Hill Step replacement

26 July 2018

Milbank Concrete Products, part of The Milbank Group, are excited to announce that they have recently begun work on a unique £1.4m project alongside Sui Generis International (a GRP specialist also p...

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milbank fleet strengthens with two new additions

25 July 2018

Keep your eyes peeled for two brand new additions joining our ever-growing fleet of installation vans this summer. Working with Signace Ltd in Colchester, we have added both Insulated Flooring (WarmF...

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flint walls completed at dover retail leisure park

05 June 2018

We were pleased to announce our recent involvement working alongside RG Group on the design, manufacture and installation of over 90 specialist precast concrete flint embossed retaining walls at the S...

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milbank concrete products launch cost effective insulated flooring solution

10 May 2018

WarmFloor Pro offers construction professionals a cost-effective alternative to quickly constructing a thermally insulated concrete ground floor over the industry leading competitor brand, Jetfloor, b...

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