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Commercial Concrete Products

Commercial Concrete Products

Milbank supplies precast concrete products for many types of commercial construction projects. These include concrete components for retail units, offices and conference buildings, with standardised parts such as ground beams, beam and block flooring, hollowcore flooring, regular stairs, helical stairs, landings and balconies.

We have the expertise to design commercial concrete components to your exact specifications, to be manufactured in our Essex production facility. Our service offering includes the delivery and installation of ordered products.

Our precast commercial concrete products are designed with the following in mind:

  1. Services Co-ordination and Installation – We only stock components that allow for easy maintenance access to mechanical and electrical systems.
  2. Thermal Mass – Concrete with a high thermal mass reduces the need for costly, high maintenance air conditioning/heating systems.
  3. Adaptability – We easily adapt our concrete products to other uses compared to many alternative materials.

Experienced UK Commercial Concrete Product Supplier

With more than 70 years of experience, we have a depth of expertise in every aspect of precast concrete design, manufacture and installation. We can provide cost-effective concrete components for your ongoing or future projects, with an unflinching focus on meeting and exceeding the strength and quality criteria for each product.

Case Study: Felixstowe Pier

“Working on behalf of Pier Amusements, Milbank Concrete Products designed, produced, delivered and installed a total of 103 precast beams with projecting reinforcement and 114 precast composite slabs.”  Find out more.

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