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Floorspan Calculator

Our precast concrete Hollowcore and Beam & Block floorspan calculator provided below is to be used as a guide only. Please Contact Us is you require specific information regarding your project.

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Finishes         kN/m2       
50mm Screed      
75mm Screed      
Use your own Finish Load  
  Total Finishes  
12mm plaster or plasterboard ceiling  
Partitions         kN/m2      
100mm lt. wt. block, plastered, 2.4m high
100mm med. wt. block, plastered, 2.4m high
  Total Partitions  
Use your own Partition Load  
Live Loads       kN/m2          
Domestic Garage or Office  
Communal Area    
  Total Live Load  
Use your own Live Load    
        Clear Span required m      
Unit Type Acceptable Max Clear Span Predicted Camber Natural Frequency Hz Self Weight (kN/m2) Centres Structural Depth Floor Type
T155 Single -maximum Standard Beam and Block Floors using 1450kg/m3 infill blocks
T155 Single -alternate
T155 Single -narrow
T155 Double -maximum
T155 Double -alternate
T155 Double -narrow
T225 Single -maximum
T225 Single -alternate
T225 Single -narrow
T225 Double -maximum
T225 Double -alternate
T225 Double -narrow
T155 Single -maximum Warmfloor with 75mm Min Structural screed
T155 Double -maximum
T225 Single -maximum
T225 Double -maximum
PS-150L Hollowcore
1 Prestessed units are designed to BS8110-1:1997          
2 Max span limited to 50 x unit depth            
3 Actual camber can exceed predicted camber by up to 50% (BS8110-1: clause    
4 Natural frequency =18/√δ, δ Based on Full Dead + 10% Live Loads        
5 Fire Resistance 1 Hour calculated in accordance with BS8110-2:1985        
6 Durability                
  Unit Type   Ref Nominal cover Suitable for exposure classes
  PS Beams   T155, T225 25mm   XC1, XC3 and XC4  
  Hollowcore PS-150L, PS-150H,
PS-200, PS-250
30mm   XC1, XC2, XC3, XC4 and XD1
7 Serviceability: Milbank prestressed units are designed to meet Class 2 criteria as set out in BS8110-1: Clause 4.1.3

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