Milbank Concrete Products Awarded Gold by Supply Chain Sustainability School

We’re proud to have achieved a Gold Award by the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

supply chain sustainability school award gold to Milbank concrete products

The Supply Chain Sustainability School is a fantastic virtual learning hub which empowers businesses to transform their operations for the betterment of our planet. Utilising the resources provided by the school, we can better overcome challenges, respond to specific client requests and prove our commitment when working with major contractors across the country.

Additionally, this process has enabled us to source and upload the embodied carbon within the products we manufacture which in turn, in conjunction with their carbon calculator, will allow main contractors or other members of the school to ensure that our products fall within the carbon requirements for their individual projects.

As part of our assessment we were required to produce a case study to highlight all of the work we’re doing towards reducing our impact on the planet and pushing on with our mission to become the UK’s most sustainable supplier of precast concrete products. To read that case study in full and to find out more about how we’re making a difference, you can read that case study here. Alternatively, visit our sustainability page for a full summary of our initiatives.

Sustainability is crucial for the UK construction industry due to its significant environmental impact. Traditional practices consume vast amounts of resources, generate waste, and contribute to rising greenhouse gas emissions. By embracing sustainable methods of construction collectively, we can help reduce this impact across our industry.

Our customers are becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious and seek solutions that minimise their project’s footprint. Our sustainable precast concrete solutions can meet these demands, potentially lowering a building’s operational costs through improved energy efficiency. Additionally, third-party accreditations such as the Supply Chain Sustainability School validate our commitment to sustainability and our drive and ambition to become the UK’s most sustainable supplier of precast concrete products.

A special thanks to our Group HSE Manager, Steve Carpenter, whose dedication and leadership has taken us from bronze to gold status over the past year.