Milbank Concrete Products Becomes Real Living Wage Employer

We are delighted to announce that we have just become accredited as a Real Living Wage employer, joining the ranks of over 14,000 businesses across the UK committed to paying a wage that reflects the true cost of living.

We have operated as a Real Living Wage Employer, in practice, for a number of years and recently decided to formalise this by applying for accreditation as a Real Living Wage Employer, with the Living Wage Foundation. This ongoing commitment applies to not only directly employed staff but also to third party contractors who fulfil contracts for us.

The Real Living Wage is a benchmark for employers who voluntarily choose to pay their staff a wage that meets the everyday needs of individuals and families. Unlike the government-mandated National Living Wage, the Real Living Wage is independently calculated based on the cost of living, ensuring that workers can afford necessities such as housing, food, childcare and transportation. It is currently £12 in the UK, with a higher rate of £13.15 for London, reflecting the higher costs of living in the capital.

Other businesses within the Milbank Group have also received the accreditation and the wider Group’s decision to become a Real Living Wage employer is part of its broader commitment to social responsibility and employee well-being. Recognising the financial pressures faced by many households, as a collective we are taking proactive steps to ensure that all employees, regardless of their role, receive fair compensation that reflects the realities of living costs.

Becoming a Real Living Wage employer is just one way that Milbank Concrete Products is making a positive impact on our people, the local community and the wider world. From the installation of solar panels on the roof of our HQ, through to our commitment to donating 2% of annual profits to local charitable causes, we are passionate about making a difference.