Vikki Lawson poses in front of Milbank House sign for women at milbank feature

#WomenAtMilbank – Introducing Vikki Lawson

Working in construction is not just for men. More and more women are picking up a sledge hammer, breaking down barriers and smashing gender stereotypes.

But women remain massively underrepresented in the sector. And if we have any hope of overcoming the massive skills shortage the UK industry is faced with, it will become ever more crucial to encourage women to choose a career in construction.

We are lucky as an organisation to have a diverse mix of individuals across our departments and are proud to share and celebrate the successes of all employees, no matter their gender, race or sexuality.

In our first instalment of #WomenAtMilbank, find out how our Precast Estimator Vikki Lawson joined the industry and what she’s got to say to those thinking of joining.

Vikki Lawson


Vikki Lawson

Job Title:

Precast Estimator

Briefly describe your job role:

I measure and price the bespoke and specialist precast enquiries we receive, such as ground beams, dock levellers and Kallisto staircases. 

How did you end up in the Construction industry?

After completing my level 2 & 3 NVQ in business admin, I interviewed for an administrator role at a local groundworker, and they offered me the role of assistant estimator – which I happily accepted! As a result of the pandemic, I was made redundant and decided to go self employed as a project manager for 6 months, before joining Milbank as an estimator in March 2021.  I am now the trainee bespoke estimator, taking over from Terry who has just retired.

How do you think Construction can attract more females?

By showcasing the women who work in construction, in all roles! By ensuring women have the same opportunities as men in the industry.

What advice would you give to someone interested in working in Construction?

Do it! There is so much to learn and so many different avenues you can go down, the possibilities are endless! From being office based to out on the ground, there are no limits for women in construction!

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