Precast Concrete EV Charging Bases


Are you looking for a fast, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for mounting EV charging infrastructure? We’re leading the way with customisable, high-performance precast concrete EV charging bases and blocks, the perfect foundation for any Level 2 or Level 3 EV charger installation.

The uptake of electric vehicles is surging forward, transforming how we travel and impacting every aspect of life. But with this exciting shift comes a critical need for robust and efficient charging infrastructure.

That’s where precast concrete bases for EV chargers come in, offering an effective solution for businesses, housebuilders, homeowners, and public charging providers alike.

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Streamline Your EV Charger Installation Process

Traditionally, installing EV charging points involved excavation, site preparation, concrete pouring, and curing times. But with our prefabricated concrete bases, you can ditch the delays and simplify the process:


  • Immediate Installation: No curing necessary. Our bases arrive ready-to-install, saving you days or even weeks on project timelines.
  • Reduced Labour Costs: Eliminate the need for onsite concrete mixing and pouring, freeing up manpower for other tasks.
  • Minimised Disruption: Forget noisy generators and messy concrete lorries. Our clean and efficient installation process keeps your site safe, clean, and organised.
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Unleash the Power of Customisation

Unlike generic in-situ concrete solutions, our precast EV blocks are tailor-made to your specific needs:


  • Charger Compatibility: We design bases to your exact requirements, ensuring compatibility with major EV charger brands and models, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Site Versatility: Whether you need single or multi-charger installations, we configure bases to accommodate various layouts and configurations.
  • Future-Proof Design: Incorporating universal base plates allows for easy upgrades to different charger models in the future.
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Built to Last, Built for Sustainability

Precast concrete offers unrivalled durability and strength, making it the ideal choice for long-lasting EV charging infrastructure:


  • Weatherproof and Resistant: Withstand harsh weather conditions, protecting your investment for years to come.
  • Minimised Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep and cleaning, saving you time and resources.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Prefabrication uses less material and energy compared to traditional methods, minimising your environmental impact.
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Benefits of Precast EV Charger Bases


Whether you’re a business owner seeking to attract eco-conscious customers, a homeowner looking to conveniently charge your EV at home, a housebuilder wanting to attract EV-savvy home buyers or a public charging provider aiming to rapidly expand your network, our precast concrete EV charging blocks offer the perfect solution.

Explore how our solutions cater to your specific needs and unlock the potential of your EV charging infrastructure.

    • Attract EV-driving customers: Offer convenient charging facilities and boost your brand image as a sustainable business.
    • Increase employee satisfaction: Provide convenient charging options for eco-conscious employees.
    • Maximize property value: Future-proof your property with a scalable EV charging infrastructure.
    • Attract EV-savvy buyers: Stand out with pre-installed charging, increasing home value and marketability.
    • Simplify construction: Save time and money with ready-to-install bases, avoiding on-site disruptions and cost overruns.
    • Future-proof your builds: Offer flexible bases that adapt to new charger models, protecting value and embracing innovation.
    • Charge your EV overnight, comfortably and safely, in your own driveway or garage.
    • Increase the value of your home: Attract potential buyers with a pre-installed EV charging solution.
    • Enjoy government incentives: Take advantage of financial benefits available for installing EV charging infrastructure.
    • Deploy charging stations quickly and efficiently across your network, meeting the growing demand for EV charging.
    • Offer reliable and consistent charging experience for users, enhancing your reputation.
    • Minimse maintenance costs with durable and low-maintenance precast concrete bases.

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