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Work At Height

Work at height risks during installation are mitigated by either our own air bag fall arrest system or by decking installed by the customer.

Milbank Air Bag System

for use on a building or structure.

The bags are of a modular design and constructed from high strength PVC material which is inflated using continual low pressure air flow from a pump driven fan. Inflation causes the bags to expand and join to form a continuous protective safety surface.

Milbank Air Bag Systems can be delivered and erected one day prior to any operation involving personnel at height. Alternatively, they can be erected on the day, if the size of the project allows it.

Milbank Scaffold System

for Trailer Fall Protection.

This Trailer Fall Protection Scaffold System has been developed as a safe system of work to provide an alternative means of fall arrest, to The Milbank Air Bag System – for Trailer Fall Protection.

The Air Bag System is the preferred method of providing fall protection to operatives who are on the load and slinging our products for offload, however, the Air Bag System needs approx. 2 metres clear area on each side and end of the trailer to fully deploy and it is recognised that this free area cannot always be provided. The Scaffold System is ideally suited to these situations and provides fall protection where air bags cannot be used.



Crash Deck or ‘Birdcage’

Upper Floor Beam & Block Installation.

Following a safety review, Milbank no longer offers PFA (Passive Fall Arrest) for the installation of Beam & Block floors at upper levels (or over basements). We now require the Main Contractor to provide a crash deck (or ‘Birdcage’) to be erected prior to the floor installation (maximum 300mm below the bearing). This ensures the safety of our installation personnel and provides a safer platform for the installers to stand on to set out the pre-stressed beams.

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