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Precast Concrete Balconies

Milbank offers a range of concrete balcony types to suit your project requirements.

All our balconies are designed by our in-house design team and are manufactured, delivered and installed to the highest standards. When designing concrete floors for a project, our design team also takes balconies into consideration.

The benefits of precast balconies over other forms of construction are:

Cost effectiveness

They can be erected with floor units prior to pouring screed, saving installation time.

Our premade balcony products are precisely made to the desired specifications, and provide a high quality finish. This contrasts to on site casting which can be inaccurate and where finishes are prone to being affected by adverse weather conditions, sometimes requiring additional remedial work.

Prefabricated concrete balconies can be erected swiftly, ensuring the project programme is maintained.

Floor Safety

Erecting precast balconies at the same time as the concrete floor gives a complete and safe working platform.

Design Flexibility

Rain water outlets can be incorporated into the concrete balcony design.

Cold bridging can be solved by implementing a thermal break system as part of the concrete balcony construction.

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