Precast concrete ground beams

We manufacture a variety of bespoke, specialist Ground Beam variations in our purpose-built factory to meet our client’s requirements.

Precast concrete ground beams are faster to install than on-site alternatives due to off-site manufacturing, enabling concurrent work on-site and reducing the need for on-site casting and curing. Their quality control in a controlled factory environment minimises defects and rework, while the assembly process involves fewer labour-intensive activities.

Designed for efficient transportation and quick installation using cranes, they minimise weather-related delays and dependencies on on-site resources. This results in quicker construction timelines, reduced disruption, and enhanced construction efficiency overall.

The UK’s leading manufacturer of precast concrete ground beams

An alternative to traditional foundations

We design our precast concrete ground beams to provide an alternative to traditional foundations that span between pad foundations or bases. Ahead of delivery and installation, our beams are cast to the appropriate dimensions as specified in the design drawings and quality-control checked, reducing the likelihood of defects commonly found in traditional on-site casting.

Since precast beams are manufactured off-site, there is less need for on-site labour for casting and formwork, leading to reduced costs and labour-related delays. In addition, the use of precast elements minimises on-site activities such as concrete mixing and casting, which can create noise, dust, and disruption. This is particularly advantageous in urban or sensitive environments.


Manufactured with precision

Once installed onto the pad foundations, they are connected (and to the piles) with small, in-situ concrete ‘stitches’. If necessary, our precast ground beam system can incorporate connections to secondary beams, which are used to form a beam and block ground floor.

Precast ground beams are designed and manufactured with precision, optimising their load-bearing capacity. This can result in more efficient structural systems and potentially reduce the amount of material required.

Additionally, precast concrete is known for its durability and resistance to environmental factors, such as weathering, corrosion, and fire. This contributes to the longevity of the structure and reduces maintenance costs over time.


Helping you reach your project goals

We are experts in designing and manufacturing unique, project-specific ground beams for several leading contractors across the UK. Our purpose-built factory in Essex is capable of producing concrete ground beams as well as other precast concrete products to meet our client’s requirements.


What is a ground beam?

Often, concrete ground beams are designed to support brick or blockwork and can be used to form a permanent shutter to the edge of an in-situ concrete floor slab. They are generally square or rectangular in section; however, notches, sloping faces and end details can be incorporated into the construction if required. Ground beams are normally used at foundation level to support buildings above and can either be rested directly on the ground or can be supported by end piers.

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What are the advantages of precast ground beams?

In comparison to cast in-situ beams, Precast Ground Beams offer a wide range of benefits that make them the chosen option for most the UK’s leading developers.

From fast installation in all weather conditions to improved accuracy bearing levels, you won’t be disappointed.

Milbank precast concrete ground beams provide a great alternative to traditional foundations, offering many benefits including:

  • The possibility to install them in all weather conditions, with the benefit of maintaining your project programme.

  • Removing the uncertainty of unpredictable foundation costs, where ground conditions result in more extensive and costly construction.

  • We install ground beams much quicker than conventional footings can be installed.

  • With a precast concrete ground beam, the bearing level will be exact, allowing the following trades to work quickly and without the same degree of levelling up.

  • Due to being cast offsite and installed for use right away, there is no need for shuttering to be left on-site during a curing phase, increasing hazards to work force.

Case study

Felixstowe Pier

Working on behalf of Pier Amusements, Milbank Concrete Products designed, produced, delivered and installed a total of 103 precast beams with projecting reinforcement and 114 precast composite slabs.

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