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Milbank manufactures project specific ground beams for a number of leading contractors in the UK. Our purpose built factory is capable of producing a variety of ground beam specifications along with a range of precast products to meet our client’s requirements.

The UK’s leading manufacturer of precast concrete ground beams

Precast concrete ground beams are designed to provide an alternative to traditional foundations and are typically designed to span between pad foundations or bases. Ahead of delivery and installation, our ground beams are cast to the appropriate length in our factory as specified in the design drawings.

Once installed onto the pad foundations they are connected to each other, and to the piles, with small in situ concrete ‘stitches’. If necessary, our precast ground beam system can incorporate connections to secondary beams, which are used to form a beam and block ground floor.

We are experts in designing and manufacturing unique, project-specific ground beams for a number of leading contractors across the UK. Our purpose-built factory in Essex is capable of producing concrete ground beams as well as other precast concrete products to meet our client’s requirements.

Ground Beam Design & Construction

Often, the concrete ground beams are designed to support brick or block work and can be used to form a permanent shutter to the edge of an in-situ concrete floor slab. They are generally square or rectangular in section; however, notches, sloping faces and end details can be incorporated into the construction if required.

Advantages of Precast Ground Beams

Milbank precast concrete ground beams provide a great alternative to traditional foundations, offering a number of benefits including:

  • The possibility to install them in all weather conditions, with the benefit of maintaining your project programme.
  • Removing the uncertainty of foundation costs, where ground conditions result in larger and more costly foundation construction.
  • Greater speed – ground beams can be installed much quicker than conventional footings.
  • More accurate bearing level – with a precast concrete ground beam the bearing level will be accurate allowing the following trades to work quicker and without the same degree of levelling up.

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