Beam & Block concrete flooring

For fast, low-cost, and robust construction, choose a Milbank precast concrete beam and block concrete floor. We have expertly manufactured precast concrete floor beams at our factory in Essex for over 75 years.

Installed beam & block flooring
Aerial view of a block of developments with flooring being installed with Cadman mobile crane
Milbank installation team guiding concrete blocks from crane grab
Milbank installation team guiding concrete blocks using crane block grab
Milbank employee overseeing the safe offloading of concrete beam delivery from crane chains
Milbank installation team overseeing the unloading of concrete blocks from a crane block grab
Milbank installation team overseeing the unloading of concrete blocks from a crane block grab
Milbank employee guiding the crane delivery of concrete beams
close up of concrete beams lined up together
Aerial view of three Milbank employees installing WarmFloor Pro flooring in foundation

The UK’s leading manufacturer of Beam and Block flooring solutions

Close up of concrete beams lined up together

What is a Beam & Block floor and how does it work?

Beam and block concrete floors comprises a series of inverted T-beams made of pre-stressed concrete cut to specified lengths as determined by construction drawings. On site, they are laid perpendicular to the supporting blockwork walls that make up the inner leaf of the footings and are laid at suitable centres to allow them to be filled with standard-sized lightweight aircrete or dense aggregate blocks.

Milbank employees installing beam and block flooring on site

Providing a safe and instant working platform for trades on site

The floor structure is brushed over with a 4:1 dry mix of sharp sand and cement to fill the gaps, consolidating both the beams and blocks into a solid structure. Because this is an entirely dry process (in that no mortar or adhesive is required) as soon as the flooring is laid it provides an instant working platform, ready for follow-on trades.

a completed installation of beam and block flooring

Over 75 years’ experience in leading the industry

Milbank have been manufacturing and supplying concrete flooring products for over 75 years. Our concrete T-beams are available in 155mm and 225mm deep pre-stressed options in lengths of 1-6m in 50mm increments. We also provide concrete block flooring products, with standard 100mm deep building blocks to span the gaps between the beams during installation.

Benefits of concrete Beam & Block floor systems



Beam and block flooring is renowned for being fast, cost-effective, and simple to install, requiring no special constructions skills – it is the cheapest way to build a highly durable and solid floor. If you’re not quite up to the job yourself or you’d like to save on time, our team of experienced installation professionals are on hand to do the heavy lifting for you. If you’d like to include our installation service, let a member of the team know when requesting a quotation or placing an order.

Upper floor Beam & Block installation

Following a safety review, we no longer offer installation of Beam & Block Upper Floors.



Varying the concrete beam centres during construction offers a quick and economical solution for a wide range of problems, both at ground and upper floor levels. We are constantly reviewing our prices to ensure that we offer the most cost-effective solution available for our customers and will always advise on the most economical beam layout to keep your costs down.



Beam and Block flooring is an extremely flexible, adaptable, and easy system to work with, enabling multiple solutions to any given flooring problem. The high load carrying capacity allows freedom of room design without having to deal with the bounce, creaking and deterioration associated with timber joists.



The use of varying beam sizes means that Beam & Block flooring is an ideal solution for use on sloping or uneven ground, areas where the ground has poor bearing capacity, or where there is a likelihood of ground volume change. We are proud to work closely with customers to ensure an effective outcome is achieved even on the most challenging of ground conditions – please speak to one of our experts if you’re struggling.



Speedy construction means that a safe, level, platform can be quickly established, allowing workmen to utilise the floor as a safe working base for further construction work. Our beams come as standard with a 1-hour fire resistance and are considerably safer than traditional timber alternatives. Additionally, concrete has more tolerance and structural integrity, meaning our floors are destined to last the lifetime of the building.

UK-made pre-stressed concrete floor beams in 155mm or 225mm


Milbank precast beam and block concrete floor beams are expertly manufactured by our experienced operations team at our facility in Essex, UK, and are cast to a high-quality with excellent durability & longevity. We carry a permanent stock of over 25,000m of 155mm concrete floor beams, in varying lengths, to suit any order.

We also hold a limited stock of the thicker 225mm beams but are well equipped to efficiently manufacture concrete beams to order (in 50mm increments) up to 7.8m long. Our variability and flexibility, along with our dedication to providing exceptional levels of customer service, is what sets us apart from competitors.

Looking for insulated flooring? Choose WarmFloor Pro.

WarmFloor Pro by Milbank offers construction professionals a simple, cost-effective solution to quickly assemble a thermally insulated ground floor and is a high-quality alternative to a standard Beam and Block floor.


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Beam & Block FAQs

concrete background
  • As the concrete products used are all precast at our factory, the installation is an entirely dry process. For this reason, the installation of beam and block is usually unaffected by cold or wet weather so can continue even during winter months.

  • The supporting blockwork needs to be laid first, but otherwise there is very little preparation needed. Minimal levels of excavation are required – with preparation at a minimum, project timelines are shortened.

  • The beams employed in these floors have a significantly longer span than timber & therefore it is much cheaper and easier to install than traditional timber methods.

  • Beam and block floors are maintenance free – completely unaffected by damp, rot, or vermin. These highly durable floors are clean, mould free, unparalleled in longevity, and are incredibly low cost over their lifespan.

Why choose Milbank as your Beam & Block floor supplier?


Mark Mullins

Silverstone Homes Ltd.

“We had Block and Beam installed yesterday and I wanted to draw your attention to what great workers Tom Roberts and his team were, and what a credit they are to Milbank’s workforce. They were polite, friendly, and nothing was a problem.

They marched on and got the job done; even when they thought they were going to get delayed they still all pushed on. I’ve had them on my last 2 sites and both times they’ve been brilliant. Please thank the boys for me.”

We are experts in Beam and Block floor installation


Our professional ‘all-in-one’ concrete floor service includes on-site installation, ensuring any issues are addressed quickly and efficiently from our head office. We cover all aspects of the design and installation process and pride ourselves on our quick response to queries, world-class manufacturing, and expert installation.

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