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If you are looking to retain soil, storage, cladding, security or landscaping, our precast retaining walls are up to the challenge and can be made bespoke to your specifications. We can deliver your wall directly to the site ready for immediate installation.

The UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke precast concrete retaining walls

  • Specialist bespoke precast concrete retaining walls in
  • Ideal for soil retention, storage, cladding, security and landscaping
  • Available in varying heights, widths and loading surcharges to suit your project specifications
  • Designed in-house to relevant British & Euro standards
  • Manufactured in a controlled off-site factory environment

We have been manufacturing specialist bespoke precast concrete retaining walls for a range of clients across sectors including residential and commercial construction, rail, agriculture, industrial and waste management for over 70 years. Use our retaining walls over a variety of specifications including; soil retention, storage, cladding, security and landscaping. They achieve this due to the fact they form both retaining and containing structures.

Precast concrete walls manufactured in Essex

At our modern and efficient manufacturing facility based in North Essex, we are well equipped to produce a wide range of precast concrete retaining walls to meet our client’s individual needs. Specialising in bespoke requirements, we can create wall configurations that are generally considered ‘out of the norm’ in varying heights and widths to suit your project specifications.

Our precast concrete retaining walls are designed to relevant British & Euro standards and are manufactured-to-order, meeting the required loading surcharges of our client’s individual needs. As with our other precast concrete products, our range of retaining wall applications are manufactured in an off-site factory environment and delivered directly to site. This ensures that we maintain quality at all times and the casting process is not affected by adverse weather conditions, something you should consider if you opted to go for an In situ pouring method. If you require installation, our team of experienced installation experts are on hand to assist.

Are you looking for a quotation?

Our sales and estimating team are on hand to answer any of your queries about bespoke precast concrete retaining walls. Please send any questions to [email protected] or call us on 01787 223 931.

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