Precast concrete balconies

When your project includes concrete balconies as part of a block of flats, commercial building, or something similar, you want to make sure they are designed, manufactured, delivered, and installed to your specifications to the highest standard. Opt for precast and do not be held back by adverse weather conditions or inaccuracies that will entail remedial work at a later date.

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An external balcony (usually attached at height and sometimes in conjunction with the flooring layout) serves to enlarge the living space and range of activities possible in a dwelling without a garden or lawn. In many apartment-style configurations, the balcony is partly recessed to provide for both sunshine and shelter or shade.


Milbank precast concrete balconies are designed by our expert in-house design team and are manufactured, delivered, and installed to the highest standards. We are well equipped to design and build a range of precast balcony variations. When creating concrete floors for a project, our design team can consider precast balconies as an additional extra to the latest industry standards.


Advantages of precast concrete balconies

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Precast concrete is a tried and tested solution used for over hundreds of years. Our in-house team of specialist precast manufacturers are well-equipped to produce precast balconies to a wide range of specifications. From the integration of thermal breaks to rainwater outlets, we’ll work alongside you as an extension of your team to produce a final product to be proud of. So why choose precast? Click on an action to find out more.

    • Our precast concrete balconies can be erected with floor units before pouring screed, saving on installation time.
    • Our premade balcony products are precisely made to the desired specifications. This contrasts to an on-site casting which can be inaccurate and where finishes are prone to be affected by adverse weather conditions, sometimes requiring additional remedial work.
    • Prefabricated concrete balconies can be erected swiftly, ensuring the project programme is maintained.
    • Erecting precast balconies at the same time as the concrete floor gives a complete and safe working platform for follow-on trades.
    • Rainwater outlets can be incorporated into the concrete balcony design by our in-house design experts.
    • Cold bridging can be solved by implementing a thermal break system as part of the concrete balcony construction.

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