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05 March 2018

Did you know we can design, manufacture, deliver and install a wide range of bespoke precast concrete products?

Working on behalf of Erith Construction Ltd, we produced 140 individual precast concrete seating units for the Castle Hill development in Ebbsfleet, Swanscombe. Weighing in at over 200 tonnes, the combined weight of the seating was almost the same as two Boeing 757’s.

This particular project was extremely challenging as the seating face was tapered and the sides were angled. To overcome this complexity, we had to cast the unit’s upside-down meaning everything was mirrored in the mould. This meant that when the units were de-moulded and turned over, they were in the correct shape and orientation.

We can produce so much more than just prestressed concrete floors. We offer the most comprehensive service providing a range of precast concrete products including; balconies, beam & block flooring, bespoke concrete products, silage clamps, ground beams, hollowcore flooring, insulated flooring, helical stairs, sea defences, stairs & landings and stadia products.

For more information on our bespoke concrete products, just click here.

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