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If you are looking for bespoke precast concrete components to meet your specifications, we can help. Whether you are looking for stair towers, precast stadium stands or sea defence and flood prevention products, our 90 years of commercial and residential construction experience are at your disposal.

The UK’s leading manufacturer of specialist bespoke precast concrete products

In our Essex based, purpose-built factories, we are well equipped to manufacture a wide variety of entirely bespoke specialist precast concrete components. From charcoal pigmented seating units in shopping centres to luxurious sweeping helical stairs in some of the most prestigious properties in the UK, we work together with our clients to design, build and install exceptional precast concrete products to their exact requirements.

precast concrete charcoal coloured seats Kallisto curved precast concrete staircase
          Bespoke Charcoal Pigment Seating Units                                             Bespoke Luxury Curved Staircase

Our clients originate from a range of industries including commercial and residential construction, rail, health, energy, environmental and the public sector and our products are routinely used for a variety of applications. From creating steel frame support beams at commercial developments, such as the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios, to terracing units, walls, stairs and floors at stadiums, such as the Kia Oval cricket ground. Our range of products and services are trusted by industry-leading contractors all over the UK.

kia oval concrete terrace units
Precast Concrete Ground Beams for Steel Frames                           Precast Concrete Auditorium Seating

We are capable of producing single bespoke precast concrete units to your specific requirements, and our expert haulage and installation teams are proud to put our customers first. We are renowned for the level of service we provide to our customers, putting in the effort to go the extra mile to ensure your expectations, as our client, are exceeded every single time.

kia oval concrete terrace units
Bespoke Precast Concrete Stadium Components                         Bespoke Precast Concrete Neutron Shields

Our custom precast concrete product installations include:

Advantages of Bespoke Precast Concrete Products

  • Design-build efficiency
  • Aesthetically Versatile
  • Weather resistant
  • Sound proofing
  • Thermal insulation and fire proofing
  • Extremely long life
  • Low maintenance

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Our dedicated sales and estimating team are on hand to answer any of your queries. Please send any questions to estimating@milbank.co.uk or alternatively call us on 01787 223 931

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