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Milbank manufactures a wide variety of bespoke precast concrete components, up to 15 tonnes, in our modern purpose built factories. We work together with clients from Commercial and Residential Construction, Rail, Health, Energy, Environmental and Public Sector industries to name but a few.

In our Essex based, purpose-built factories, we are able to manufacture a wide variety of entirely bespoke precast concrete components.

We work together with our clients to design, build, and install concrete products to their exacting requirements. Clients come from a range of industries including: Commercial and residential construction, rail, health, energy, environmental and public sector.

Our products are routinely used for everything from creating support columns at a building site to stair towers and flights of curved and winder stairs. All of these concrete products are made to measure at our state of the art factory in Colchester. Everything is made to the exact specifications that we receive, with single units being produced at weights of up to 15 tonnes.

Our custom precast concrete product installations include:

  • Stair towers
  • Columns (disproportionate collapse)
  • Curved, Helical and winder stairs
  • Stadia components including terrace units, walkways, balconies, hollowcore flooring, raker beams, vomitory walls and stadium walls
  • Auditorium terracing
  • In vessel composting tunnels
  • Rail components comprising of precast concrete trackside upstand beams, standard Network Rail cantilever beams, hollowcore platform decks and platform crosswalls/slabs.

There are many uses for the high quality bespoke precast concrete products that we design and create. Whatever industry you work in, we’re confident that we can provide the bespoke precast concrete products that you need today.

Benefits of Bespoke Concrete Products

  • weather resistance
  • sound proofing
  • thermal insulation and fire proofing
  • extremely long life

Whether you’re looking to build new a new stadium or auditorium, or you’re simply looking for a precast flight of stairs which will stand the test of time, we’re here to help here at Milbank.

Why choose Milbank for your tailor-made Precast Concrete?

We’ve been producing tailored precast concrete products for a long time. Since 1947 we’ve produced countless concrete beams, columns, staircases, terraces and all manner of other products. With such extensive experience manufacturing precast concrete products we’re confident that we can provide the perfect product for you here today.

If you have any questions about our concrete products or our factory, feel free to contact us on 01787 223931 today.


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Our dedicated sales and estimating team are on hand to answer any of your queries. Please send any questions to or alternatively call us on 01787 223 931

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