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Milbank have worked on some of the most prestigious stadium development projects in the UK including the Kia Oval County Cricket Stadium and the Tennis Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The UK’s leading manufacturer of precast concrete stadium components

Most modern stadia are constructed using steel structures with precast concrete to form the terracing, walling, stairs and circulation areas. Milbank have been expertly designing, manufacturing and installing precast concrete products for over 70 years and are firmly-rooted within the stadium construction industry. We have invested heavily in the newest and most efficient steel mould technology, allowing us to produce products to an exceptional standard whilst keeping our clients costs to a minimum.

ebbsfleet football stadium 

Additionally, outside of the sporting sector, our precast concrete framed structures comprising of terracing units, beams, columns, walls, floors, stairs and other elements can be used for a wide variety of applications including multi-storey car parks, multi-screen cinemas, retail and leisure developments, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, student accommodation and residential blocks.

Our range of precast concrete stadia solutions provide a versatile and economic solution for a variety of viewing standards, imposed loading and seating arrangements. At our purpose built factories in Essex, we are capable of manufacturing:

Concrete Walkways & Balconies

Walkways are designed for spectator movement in between and at the bottom of the terracing. Milbank design, manufacture and supply concrete walkways along with balconies, balcony walls and a variety of other specialist units made-to-order for areas such as disabled access and seating, to be installed at the same time as the other terracing elements. These units are often one-off shapes and sizes which our manufacturing facility can easily produce to your requirements.

Hollowcore Flooring

Stadia construction consists not only of terracing, but also large areas of flooring in the circulation routes, accommodation and office spaces as well as restaurants and corporate boxes. These floor areas have to be designed to take high loads – a task ideally suited to hollowcore units.

Milbank are the leading hollowcore flooring manufacturer in the South East of England with a factory dedicated to the manufacture of prestressed products. Additionally, we have a separate production facility for the production of all Stadium and bespoke precast concrete products.

Raker Beams & other Beams

The purpose of raker beams is to provide support for standard terrace units. Horizontal beams perform the same function but for vertical terrace units. Precast concrete raker beams span between columns which are at regular intervals (generally producing 7-8m bays) along the length of a stand on a typical stadium.

The standard terrace units are then installed, spanning from one raker beam to the next, to provide the seating area. Raker beams are generally long span beams (depending on the size and scale of the stadium) and can be cast up to 30m long in our dedicated factory. Our raker beams originate from individually fabricated steel moulds and are cast to give a fair face finish on both sides.

Vomitory Walls & other Stadium Walls

Vomitories allow for safe movement of spectators between seating areas and the concourse beneath the terraces. To create a Vomitory, our precast concrete walls and stair units are built in combination to create access to and from the seating area.

The Vomitory Stadium Walls are either supported on the frame or the concourse floor and can provide support to adjacent terrace and walkway units. Milbank also offer other precast concrete wall panels for the concourse areas, pitch side wall panels, cladding panels etc.

The Kia Oval – Kennington

Milbank were responsible for the manufacturing and installation of over 500 precast concrete units, consisting of terrace units, walls, and stairs, leading to the completion of the new stand at the Kia Oval – the home of Surrey County Cricket Club, increasing the grounds overall capacity to 25,000.

To view more information on this Stadia project, please click here.

Precast Concrete Hockey Stadiums

Along with some of the UK’s most popular football and cricket stadiums, our production capabilities allow us to design, manufacture and install a variety of structural precast concrete components for a range of other sporting applications such as hockey.

Our involvement within the UK hockey community has allowed us to work on some of the most exciting and well known projects, such as the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (London 2010 Olympics) and a range of local projects for schools and sports centres.

Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre is located on a part of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park known as Eton Manor, which during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games staged the Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis Competition. The primary hockey pitch has a capacity of 3,000 which can be increased to 15,000 for major events.

precast concrete hockey stadium install precast concrete stadium London Olympics Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre (LVHTC)
Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre (LVHTC) – London Olympic Park

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