Precast concrete stairs and landings

Milbank are specialists in precast concrete staircase and landing design, manufacture, and installation. With an experienced team and a dedicated production facility, we produce both simple standard flights and landings as well as complex bespoke units to order.

About Milbank precast concrete staircases

We are experts in all things precast concrete. Of all the high-quality products we manufacture, our true speciality lies in precast concrete stairs. Our highly experienced team of designers, shuttering carpenters and casters can produce anything from a simple concrete straight flight staircase to the most complex custom units at our state-of-the-art factory.

Precast concrete staircase advantages

  • Cost-effective
  • Inherent fire resistance
  • Immediate safe access to upper floors, negating the need for ladders or other temporary systems
  • A resilient, solid, and durable base – attractive finishes can be added in the form of timber, stone, tiles, marble, or another finish of choice.
  • Can accommodate progressive collapse requirements
  • Recognised safe systems of work for installation, specific to each configuration of staircase layout
  • Excellent noise reduction and sound insulation
  • Perfect when paired with a Milbank concrete floor

Winder Stairs for limited access

Using specialist curved palletised moulds, we are equipped to produce winder staircase layouts to replace standard ‘straight flight and landing’ configurations where space is at a premium.

This reduced-waist option provides additional headroom in stairwells within properties with restricted head height, and is ideal for tight townhouses or high-rise projects.

In addition, this configuration benefits from reduced costs due to repeat castings in a singular mould, along with reduced connections in comparison to extending a standard straight flight. For more luxurious developments, winders boast improved visual aesthetics and smooth lines.

For further information on our winder stair configuration, visit our specialist Kallisto Stairs website by clicking on the logo below.

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Anti-slip precast concrete stairs

As a part of the Milbank Group, we are proud to work alongside GRP specialists Sui Generis International.

This partnership allows us to offer you a range of standardised precast concrete products, such as steps or stairs, with pre-installed, DDA compliant, Safe Tread anti-slip GRP treads, strips or nosings.

This collaboration saves you the hassle of outsourcing whilst keeping costs to a minimum as we can deliver direct to your site with the anti-slip features pre-installed and ready to be used right away.

Bespoke concrete landings

No staircase would be complete without a landing. If you’re curious about how to incorporate a concrete staircase into your building, our in-house team of expert designers can provide bespoke solutions to best suit your requirements.

We are well equipped to design the perfect precast concrete landings for your staircase, incorporating them into the rest of your project – our focus is on making them as attractive as they are sturdy. We will liaise directly with your design team, helping to reach the perfect solution to what can easily be a tricky element in the building design.

Case study

Precast Concrete Stair Cores

In total, 9 fire stations required 20 stair core towers, 9 training towers, 9 lift shafts and 400 precast concrete wall panels with the inclusion of over 70 stairs and landing units.

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