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ARK Concrete Silage Clamps

Milbank are pleased to introduce ARK Agriculture (formerly known as Bock UK).

ARK Agriculture Logo

ARK Agriculture (formerly known as Bock UK) is the only UK specialist offering the design, manufacture, installation and on-going service requirements of the complete concrete silage pit wall solution. ARK Agriculture is a partnership between ARK and Milbank Concrete Products, combining 90 years of experience in their specialist fields and bringing innovative silage clamp solutions to the UK.

The uniquely recognisable design of the ARK silage clamp with the slanting wall system ensures vital compaction right up to the edge of the clamp walls. ARK clamps are commonplace across Europe and have been recognised as the leading solution on the continent for many years.

Europe’s Leading Silage Clamp Wall Manufacturer

ARK have successfully delivered projects throughout Europe – ranging from smaller “on farm” silaging, to more complex Biogas requirements. ARK Agriculture have designed and installed a number of concrete silage clamp walls throughout the UK and are fast becoming recognised as the farmer’s choice.

Greener, Safer Concrete Silage Panels

Let ARK Agriculture, the European silage clamp experts, show you how your silage clamp system can be greener, safer and more accessible – with enhanced performance of up to 30%.

For more information regarding their silage clamps please contact ARK Agriculture on 01787 220560 or visit

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