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WarmFloor offers homebuilders a simple, cost effective solution to quickly construct a thermally insulated ground floor.

Are you looking for WarmFloor Pro?

Milbank Concrete Products are proud to introduce, WarmFloor Pro, the cost effective alternative to quickly constructing a thermally insulated concrete ground floor over the industry leading competitor. Combing both EPS blocks and EPS top sheets, WarmFloor Pro boasts reduced initial construction costs and increased energy savings.

WarmFloor Pro was specifically designed to reduce installation times and increase thermal performance in comparison to the standard underslung WarmFloor system. To find out more, click here or on the image below.

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WarmFloor offers homebuilders a simple, cost-effective solution to quickly construct a thermally insulated concrete ground floor. Reduced initial construction costs and lower heating costs make WarmFloor a compelling alternative to a standard beam and block floor. WarmFloor is suitable for almost any structure, but is most commonly used in housing, from single dwellings to complete housing developments. Milbank WarmFloor offers simple, cost effective, flooring to self-builders and construction professionals alike.

ICF With Polystyrene (EPS) Insulation

The insulated concrete floor (ICF) is easily assembled using lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks fitted between our standard Milbank pre-stressed concrete beams (either 155mm or 225mm deep) and then finished with a structural concrete screed.

The Intelligent Method

As every building is different, we design your floor to achieve the specific targeted U-Value (as low as 0.06W/m²K) together with the structural layout of the floor to suit. We can then manufacture the components and supply the materials to you; our experienced fixing teams can even install WarmFloor for you.

WarmFloor ICF Benefits:

  • Easy to install – Does not need any specialist skills or tools, and we will be on hand to guide you every step of the way.
  • Quick to install – each EPS panel fitted is the equivalent to 5 standard concrete blocks – no further insulation layer or additional materials are required.
  • Clean, safe and easy to handle – lightweight blocks only weigh around 2Kg.
  • Cost effective – Concrete slab insulation designed specifically to meet your U-Value which means any savings on materials are passed onto you.
  • Lower cost – warm floor can save you money. The cost is normally lower compared to constructing, insulating and finishing a conventional beam and block floor.
  • Minimal floor depth – only requires 70mm structural topping over the beam height meaning enhanced U-Value AND increased ceiling height compared to conventional floors.
  • Underfloor heating compatible – heating pipework is simply held in place using plastic pegs that push into the EPS panel.
  • Proven Technology – now in use for over 10 years.Industry compliant – Milbank WarmFloor is BBA certified.

Warmfloor Installation Guide

How to insulate a concrete floor with WarmFloor: Please click here to download our Warmfloor Installation Guide PDF

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Our dedicated sales and estimating team are on hand to answer any of your queries. Please send any questions to [email protected] or alternatively call us on 01787 223 931

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