WarmFloor Pro thermally insulated concrete floor


With U-Values as low as 0.08W/m2K, WarmFloor Pro offers construction professionals a simple and cost-effective solution to quickly assemble a thermally insulated ground floor. It is a high-quality and sustainable alternative to a standard Beam and Block floor.

Milbank employee installing WarmFloor Pro flooring
Milbank employee installing WarmFloor Pro flooring
Two Milbank employees install WarmFloor Pro flooring on site
Milbank employee cuts WarmFloor Pro flooring to size during installation
Warm Floor Pro alternative flooring being installed
Warm Floor Pro alternative flooring being installed

Why choose WarmFloor Pro over Beam & Block flooring?

WarmFloor Pro is a high-quality alternative to a standard beam and block floor, representing a cost-effective way to rapidly lay a thermally insulated concrete ground floor, with lower construction costs at the outset, improved energy savings and sustainability.

Based on an average floor size of 60m2, our WarmFloor Pro package (inclusive of a 100mm topsheet and delivery to site) would cost you roughly £50/m2. Opting for a standard Beam & Block floor (including a 100mm insulation topsheet from a separate supplier) would cost you roughly £64/m2. In this example, choosing WarmFloor Pro represents a total saving of over £850, or 20%.

Milbank employee installing Warm Floor Pro alternative flooring

A popular choice throughout the Construction industry

While WarmFloor Pro may be used in a range of building types, construction firms tend to utilise it most in housing, from standalone properties to entire residential developments. As a straightforward concrete insulated flooring solution that represents real cost-efficiency, it is hugely popular with both self-builders and large construction companies.

Ordering and installation are simplified with our all-in-one package – forget chasing multiple suppliers for individual elements, you’ll receive everything you need at the same time directly to site, ensuring you can progress without delay. If you’ve not got the resources to install yourself, we’ll look after that for you too.

Two Milbank employees install WarmFloor Pro flooring on site

Compliant with Building Regulations Part L

Building Regulations Part L covers the conservation of fuel and power in the building of new homes in England and establishes how energy-efficient new and existing homes should be. When Part L was introduced in June 2022, building regulation changes meant that the current U-Value of ground floors for new builds must lower from 0.18W/m²K to 0.13W/m²K.

WarmFloor Pro works as an effective ground floor solution to reduce heating costs and improve thermal performance. This system falls well within this new specification and can be part of a more sustainable build for the lifetime of your development.

Milbank employee cuts WarmFloor Pro flooring to size during installation

Reducing your carbon emissions

Reduced construction costs, increased energy savings, and speed and ease of installation make WarmFloor Pro a compelling alternative to a standard beam and block floor.

Both A+ Green Guide rated and fully certified, it’s proven to be a must have addition to any new, sustainable development, where keeping heating costs low is paramount. It is effective at contributing towards a reduction in carbon emissions due to its increase in thermal performance.

WarmFloor Pro has already been successfully installed throughout thousands of new build projects across the country, and we are well experienced in both Supply Only and Supply & Fix requirements.


  • Quotations available from drawings provided
  • Uses our prestressed beams, both T155 & D225, manufactured at our factory in Essex
  • In-house design service available
  • Installed by our dedicated team of trained installers

Product Breakdown

EPS Top Sheet

The EPS top sheet has been designed to separate the concrete screed from the prestressed concrete beams, improving PSI Values, increasing overall thermal performance and isolating the damp proof membrane.

EPS Insulation Module (Infill Panel)

The EPS infill panels are available in both 343mm and 533mm sizes and are designed to replace your standard concrete infill block.

EPS Insulation Module (End Panel)

The EPS end panels are available in both 178mm and 300mm sizes and are designed specifically to fit snugly up against the internal wall.

Prestressed Concrete Beam

Milbank Concrete Products manufacture both 155mm and 225mm deep lightweight prestressed concrete beams, suitable for spans up to 6.5m.

Closure Block

Closure blocks (provided as an optional extra if required) are used to finish the row of EPS insulation infill panels.

End Block

End blocks (also provided as an optional extra if required) are used to finish the row of EPS insulation end panels.

Damp Proof Membrane (Not Included)

The damp proof membrane shown is for guidance purposes only and should be specified from an additional source and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Damp Proof Course (Not Included)

The damp proof course is rolled into place onto the base of the bearing wall before the concrete beams are laid to prevent the spreading of moisture from the ground.

Perimeter Strips (Not Included)

The perimeter strips are installed to line the edge of the floor solution, preventing any thermal bridging between the interior wall and the concrete topping.

Closure Block

Closure blocks (provided as an optional extra if required) are used to finish the row of EPS insulation infill panels.

Structural Concrete Topping (Not Included)

The specified structural concrete topping is poured to the required depth ensuring the EPS infill panels and top sheet are not disturbed during the flow of the concrete.

Structural Mesh (Not Included)

A structural mesh is laid in accordance with the concrete topping specification.


How WarmFloor Pro works – insulated with Polystyrene (EPS) insulation

WarmFloor Pro insulated concrete flooring (ICF) works by replacing standard concrete infill blocks with a combination of rigid insulation modules (EPS panels) manufactured from lightweight closed cell expanded polystyrene. These modules are placed in between our pre-stressed concrete beams (either 155mm or 225mm deep) and finished with an EPS top sheet, damp proof membrane and structural concrete topping. This gives WarmFloor Pro its uniquely low cost, ease of installation, and durable quality.


Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is environmentally friendly.

Made from 98% air, no toxic substances are used in its manufacture, and it is 100% recyclable. For every 1 kilogram of oil used in the manufacture of EPS, 150 kilograms can be saved in heating oil over a fifty-year period.


The intelligent concrete floor insulation method

Since every structure differs, we design your flooring to deliver the targeted U-Value (as low as 0.07W/m²K) and the layout of the floor to meet stated requirements. After manufacturing the requisite components, they are delivered alongside the materials directly to your site, removing the need to deal with multiple suppliers. With WarmFloor Pro you can choose either supply only, or supply and installation – harnessing our knowledgeable and experienced team of installation professionals.

Opting for WarmFloor Pro as opposed to a traditional beam & block floor can provide a comparable total cost for an insulated floor and is considerably easier, quicker, and more economical to install.

What U-Values can you achieve? (W/m2K)

The measure of thermal transmittance (heat loss) through a building is expressed as a U-Value. Part L Building Regulations, updated in June 2022, set out the recommended values for new buildings, extensions, and renovations. To be fully compliant with the regulations, the overall dwelling emission rate (DER) must be lower than the target emission rate (TER) when calculated in SAP.

To help you achieve this requirement, lower U-Values may be required. WarmFloor Pro works as an effective Beam & Block alternative to contribute towards lower U-Values, improved thermal performance and a reduction of carbon production.

This table provides an estimated U-Value range based on specific Perimeter/Area Ratios when beams follow a double-maximum centre configuration.

WarmFloor Pro Insulated Flooring Installation Example

Insulated Flooring advantages

concrete background

Making the smarter choice


If the UK is to achieve Net Zero status, we must prioritise reducing carbon emissions from buildings significantly. And what better place to start than from the ground up.

The advantages of insulated floors are proven – with the potential to lose 10-20% of a buildings heat through an uninsulated floor, it’s essential you make sensible choices.

The Energy Saving Trust has estimated a saving between £40-£65 on energy bills through floor insulation, and in combination with other efforts around the home, the savings will add up

  • A+ Green Guide rated, 100% recyclable and no waste created during manufacture. EPS has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero and global warming potential (GWP) of less than 5.

  • The use of EPS for thermal insulation in the construction industry leads to significant energy savings on heating and cooling buildings and a dramatic reduction in the emission of polluting gases. It, therefore, contributes to alleviating the greenhouse effect and acid rain.

  • Expanded Polystyrene is one of the few building materials that can truly claim to be 100% recyclable. It can be reused in the manufacture of new EPS products, soil improvements and auxiliary compost material, as well as being added to other building materials. By fusion and granulation, it can be turned into simple products such as coat hangers and pens.

  • No specialist skills or tools are required for installation – EPS panels are the same length as 5 traditional concrete blocks and are considerable lighter and easier to manage (~2kg).

  • A wide range of EPS panel depths and grades are available to provide the most economical solution for developments whilst maintaining the highest levels of thermal properties.

  • Plastic pegs push into the EPS panels and hold heating pipes in-situ, providing a quick and easy foundation for UFH installation.

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