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Waste Recycling


Any waste concrete resulting from our production is first dealt with on site. We crush the concrete into manageable pieces and extract any steel reinforcement. The concrete is then taken off site where it is further processed into fine crush material and used in the road building and construction industry.


The steel that has been recovered from the waste concrete and the production process is collected and taken away for recycling. On average we send 70 tonne of steel per year for recycling.

Paper & Cardboard

As with most modern businesses, we are always trying to reduce our paper usage.


Wood is used in the precast production process to make moulds and shuttering boards. We also use wooden bearers for storage and product delivery methods. When the wood is no longer usable, it is collected and sent off site for recycling. On average we send 50 tonnes of wood per year for recycling.


We collect all our waste oil and lubricants in especially approved tanks which are then emptied and taken away to be recycled into heating oil. We also operate a strict contaminated waste separation system where filters, contaminated rag and absorbent spill granules are separated and recycled.

Other Materials

All other materials are separated and safely and responsibly disposed of.

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