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Welcome to the official Milbank Group Christmas Card Archive. We are lucky enough to have a variety of talented employees within our Group of companies and this page pays homage to our own Sales Estimator Steven Corps, who from 2013 to 2020 expertly illustrated our company Christmas cards.

In an effort to reduce our paper wastage and as part of our ‘paperless’ strategy, 2019 saw the introduction of our first digitally animated Christmas card. Did you know that sending a paper card in the post releases on average 140g of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, whereas a digital card sent by email is more like 50g? Sending 50 cards in the post is equivalent to driving 5 miles in a car or leaving a light on for a week!



Milbank Xmas Card 2021




Milbank Xmas Card 2020



Milbank Xmas Card 2019



Milbank Xmas Card 2018



Milbank Xmas Card 2017



Milbank Xmas Card 2016



Milbank Xmas Card 2015



Milbank Xmas Card 2014



Milbank Xmas Card 2013

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